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Koliba Studio About - 3D Architectural Visualizations and Animations


Koliba Studio is a company founded in 2014 by arch. Marin Lalov and is based in Sofia, Bulgaria. We work in the field of 3D visualization and design. We have been working in the industry for more than 10 years, and with all this experience in mind, we are able to provide full architectural design services to our clients, who will receive high quality products in the end. We strive for fully captivating photo realistic 3D renderings and animations. Our unique working process allows us to capture the smallest detail and also connects the beauty of the surrounding world to the most enchanting 3D special effects. Our main goal is to create digital environments that will go beyond our clients’ expectations.

We create everything from basic sketches to sophisticated 3D renderings and interactive virtual tours, a photo-quality view of homes, buildings or developments, so our clients can have an accurate vision of their projects.


We are a team of accredited architects focused on delivering innovative and unique design solutions to our client’s needs, which includes residential and commercial architecture, space planning and tenant improvement, lighting and furniture design.

Our team has the simple objective to create unique, distinctive and functional interior spaces by understanding how the inhabitants will use each room. We consider light, sound and all the design aspects. We can help you take a tour even before the development of a building actually begins with a 3D walk through animation, using the exact colors and create the real textures of the planned materials which will be used in the final structure.

We also do motion graphics by accelerating the creation of  movements and 2D animations using the best technology and available design tools to bring your project to life. We can also help you if you need an awesome looking, perfect sounding video for your website, blog, social media or even email marketing that fully correspond to your brand.